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So you've got a story to tell? 

I've told more than 7,000 of them.

For 40+ years, my unique approach to video storytelling has earned me recognition both regionally and nationally, including 32 Mid-America Emmy Awards.

Now, I am using my lifetime of storytelling experience on St. Louis television and radio to create inspiring and impactful videos for organizations, companies and causes, ranging from social media applications to full-length documentaries.

Anyone can tell a story. But it takes someone special to make it memorable.  

That means paying attention to the little things. It means knowing how to link a compelling image to just the right word.  It means storytelling with both intelligence and heart. 

Plus, because I am a one-man shop, I produce top-quality videos at highly competitive rates.


So, that's my story.

Now what's yours?

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  • Concept development 

  • Script writing

  • Videography

  • Editing

  • Post-production 

  • Video graphics

  • Voice-over narration

  • On-camera talent

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